English Debate Club v 0.2

After the first attempt to organize English debates at ARC Moldova that  turned out successfully, the second round took place on November, 16. To the delight of the organizers, we could see many new faces among those who were there for the second time already. As an opening, the participants were suggested a so-called ‘unstructured (spontaneous) debate’: two volunteers improvised on the topic of an eternal dilemma: What appeared first? Egg or chicken?  Surprisingly, the guys’ personal attitude coincided with the one they were to defend. This kind of activities train fast thinking and structuring your theory in order to present it in a clear way.

Well, the main issue on which the debates were based concerned studying at home or abroad which was  very appropriate for the participants. The affirmative team tried to prove that studying in the Moldova is the best option, involving both social and educational aspects of the topic. The negative team, on the other side, presented the arguments for choosing an university abroad. Both of them made use of their personal experience, objective explanations and very accurate conclusions, trying to convince the jury (Daniel Vodă, Stela Boțan, Paingu Doina) that they were right. After naming the winner team, all the spectators had a chance to express their opinions and develop the topic in other directions, as well.  Those who took part at the event can agree that this is a very pleasant and useful experience for everyone.


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