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Adventures on swedish realms

Within the partnership between Borlange and Chişinău municipalities,young counselors were invited to the “Peace&Love” music festival,which was organized in Borlange from 26th of June to the 1st of July.

Aura-Alina Axenti,Ion Jalbă and Felicia Russu were the representatives of Local Youth and Children Council (LYCC) in the visit to Sweden.They had a dynamic and productive week,being involved in volunteering,discussions with local authorities,excursions in the region and interaction with Borlange interaction with Borlange Youth Council.Through the main addressed subjects were bilateral projects and swedish-moldovan relations,their manner of development,and also the possibilities of a new program of activity,which will most probably begin in the spring of the 2013 year.

But,besides the official part,counselors fully took advantage from the Swedish places of interest and music festival.Or “Peace&Love” is well-known especially for the contained conception(“A healthy mind in a healthy body”),promotion of volunteering,involvement in NGO-s and other organizations and through the variety of artists who participate in the respectively cultural event.So,in 2012 there evolved Roxette, Regina Spector, Rihanna, Skrillex,Veronica Maggio and others.

“After a year which was full of activities,it was a great start of summer.We have the opportunity both to travel,to discover the Swedish culture and its quiddity  and to honor the name of young councelors through the interaction with the members of Borlange Youth Council.It was amazing to find out how many things we have in common,because in fact we all contribute  to the development of the society/community of which part we are.At the first sight,it seems to be a disadvantage that we live in a more problematic environment,but,with all these,namely through the medium of the problems,we succeed in finding more efficient solutions and developing both the country  and  the citizens ability to thrive and evolve in relatively unfriendly conditions.As a conclusion,I want to say that we have much to learn from Swedish colleagues,and also that they have to try to take our practices and concepts”(Axenti Aura-Alina)

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Common values,different countries

Brochure of Local Youth and Children Council of Chisinau

Local Youth and Children Council (LYCC) in Chisinau is a body that meets 55 delegates from 36 high schools in Chisinau. Our basic goal is to develop the civic potential of students by involving them in School of Young counselor,  volunteering action, educational activities and non-formal education. Council’s work is divided in four specialized commissions:
1. Commission „Youth for Education”;
2. Commission „Massmedia and relation with public commission”;
3. Commission „Volunteering and social assistance;
4. Commission „Youth for Defending Children’s Right „
Our activity is based on team work between Department of Education, Youth and Sport of Chisinau, Local Youth Councils in schools, parents associations, local authorities and youth in Chisinau.
We believe that we can bring change in our community throw active participation, and we work for it.

Local Youth and Children Council

The educational project in Chisinau
The main goals of educational project in Chisinau is to involve the teenagers in a new, different atmosphere for them, to develop the relations between schools and to compare the way of studying between schools and to share new teaching methods between teachers. In 2009/2010 academic year, Educational project was running in 14 high schools in Chisinau and 70 students (5 from each school) had chance to be exchange student, and alumni of the program in the end, also, every schoold had 2 local coordinators, they was responsible for foreign group for all week, usually it was an alumni from previous exchange program and a member of Local Youth and Children Council.

Educational Project in 2009/2010 academic year

Intercultural Project

Intercultural project starts with the realization of the Nationality Festival called ,,Winter Holidays – holidays that unites us” and the Scientific Conference at the topic ,,School impact on the education of the intercultural spirit of the teenagers”,  where romanian, ukranian, russian, polish, gagauzian, lituanian and german pupils are involved. Main goal of the project is to unite students from different ethnic backgrounds throw wave of Art and educational programmes, the language of project is mainly music, poetry, plastic art and traditional dishes of every ehtnic group.

Unity throw culture!

Community Projects:

Community projects are focused on volunteering action. In 2009/2010 academic year following 3 areas was covered:

*Charity activities at: Nr. 3 orphanage in Chisinau, Oncological Hospital (children section), orphanage for children with disabilities ,,Orfeu’’,  Republican Asylum for Old people and people with disabilities. Visits at this institutions was accompanied by small artistic programmes, to share good mood for this people in need.

Republican Asylum for Old people and people with disabilities

*Ecological action was focused on project “Green city – healthy people” when groups of children from different high schools (276 students were involved) cleaned  parks, green zones and plant trees in 5 places in Chisinau, according to the district were their school is located.

Group of children from LYCC who worked in Dendrariu park in Buiucani district in Chisinau

Group of children from LYCC who worked in Dendrariu park in Buiucani district in Chisinau

*Trainings, simulations of European parliament, simulation of local Chisinau council, debates on various topic, roundtables.

Round-table: „Human rights starts from children rights”, honorable visitor: Tamara Plamadeala, parliamentary advocate of children in Moldova

Debate: „Do money rule the world?”

Debate: „Global warming: truth or myth”

Debate: „Informational boom: advantage or disadvantage for pupils?”

Simulation of European parliament

Round-table: „Depression in our life”

Round-table: „Violence in schools: how to stop it?”

*Editing Local Youth and Children Council Newspaper and spreading it in high schools in Chisinau, at city hall, departement of education, youth and sport of Chisinau and posting at Local Youth and Children blog, both (newspaper and blog), give us opportunity to spread echo of our activities in our community and posibility to collect feedback to improve our further actions

Local Youth and Children Council Newspaper

Explore the blog of Local Youth and Children Council of Chisinau:

For further information or to contact LYCC, write an e-mail on: voda.daniel@gmail.com – Daniel Voda – head of Massmedia and relation with public commission of LYCC.


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